In October 2013, Stone Middle School was notified that our school had been designated as a STEAM Magnet School. This is a real sign of success, because it takes the principals of what we offered to the Choice Program Team and extends (as well as enhances) them to ALL students enrolled at Stone.It is also good news because all students have a chance to join us on this incredible journey, even those students that are not zoned for our school. There is no application fee and we strongly believe that this Magnet school status is going to give us the opportunity to provide the best educational experiences possible at Stone. Read more about this on our homepage.

Students will experience a unique and exciting hands-on science curriculum with an emphasis on high-tech inquiry science. Technology will be infused into all academic subject areas with students using technology as a productivity tool. High achievement, positive attitude toward learning, and cooperative student-teacher interaction will define the campus climate.

  1. Addresses need for choice middle school in south area. The West Melbourne Elementary School for Science began feeding students into Stone in 04-05.
  2. Builds on two of Stone’s existing strengths: science research and technology.
    • National recognition of our research students
    • Consistently at the top in the district/state for science research awards
    • Well known and respected in district for technology
    • Addresses need to retain and attract students. Parents are looking for something special in a school and Stone is competing with schools of choice, magnet schools, charter schools and private schools.

  1. High Student Achievement/Preparation
  2. Unique Learning Opportunity Integrating Inquiry Science and Technology
  3. Positive/High Interest Learning Environment
  4. Attract/Retain Students

Science component - Students will be engaged in standards driven hands-on inquiry based instruction. Students will be involved in meaningful hands-on labs and activities on a regular basis with an emphasis on high-tech science. Science classes will be scheduled into specialized labs on a regular basis. These specialized labs will be equipped with everything necessary to conduct inquiry labs as well as high-tech equipment such as LCD projectors, laptop computers, digital cameras, probeware and digital microscopes. Each specialized lab will have a lab assistant who will be trained in lab preparation, science process skills and data analysis. The lab assistant will be responsible for setting up labs, inventory, assisting the science teacher and students with the lab and other related duties.

Technology component - Technology instruction will be provided through all four academic classes with a special emphasis on high-tech science. Students will be taught to use technology as a tool in a variety of situations. Key technology skills will be taught in each academic area and then used across the curriculum. For example, math classes might teach how to work with digital images, social studies might teach presentation software such as PowerPoint and science classes might teach web skills such as webpage authoring and internet search techniques. Students will then use these skills in all academic classes.

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