Number One in the Nation!

Richard Regan & Jared Campbell (eCybermission team advisors) report from Washington, D.C.:
After 5 days of events, Stone Middle School’s 8th grade team the SBS Bots took home 1st place in Nation!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Zen C., Jason D., Dalton S. and Spencer T.
The team did a fantastic job, performing well above the competition.

Stone's SBS Bot Project involved programming robot prototypes to be used to kill bacteria in buildings that are infested due to poor ductwork or insulation design or installation. SBS stands for Sick Building Syndrome, which is what the robots ultimately would be tasked to clean.

Now in its sixth year, eCYBERMISSION is a free, Web-based competition for youth designed to increase interest in science and engineering disciplines. Projects focus on teams finding problems in their communities, educating people about them and coming up with unique solutions using math, science and/or technology.

Participants must choose a Mission Challenge related to one of four categories: health and safety, arts and entertainment, sports and recreation or the environment. Students must develop a hypothesis, Doyle said, and conduct research and experiments to prove or disprove their hypothesis. Each team submits their mission folder, the official write-up of their project -- including photos, survey questions and other supporting documents -- via Internet for the initial virtual judging.

All finalists received $3,000 in U.S. EE Savings Bonds as regional first-place winners. The national winners, will receive an additional $5,000 in savings bonds and enjoy an all-expense paid weeklong event included a series of educational enrichment activities and events in the Washington, D.C. area.

Research Students Excel at the Regional Science Fair!

Students from Central, Hoover, Southwest, Stone, Westshore and various private schools competed in 14 junior division categories ranging from behavioral science to zoology.

Stone students won 10 of the 14 first place awards and 9 second place awards taking a total of 50 place awards.

(left front row) Justin R., Ashley P., Melissa S., Natasha K., Rishita J. (Best of Show!) (middle row) Rich Regan, research teacher, Martin M., Lauren A., Fiona K., Tim J., Jacob S. (back row) research sponsors: Karen Regan, Jared Campbell (not shown) First Place Winner Sierra C., research sponsors: Barbara Beehler, Geri Riley, Gordon Shupe

Science Research Crunch Time Is Here!!!

As many people know, Science Research is a pretty big thing in Brevard County Public Schools.

And Science Research is HUGE at Stone Middle School. Few other schools have as long lasting a reputation for excellence in Science Research as Stone.

So as we approach the South Brevard Regional Fair Competition, the 78 Stone students competing are in a virtual frenzy to complete their final preparations.

You can help!!! - Stone welcomes parents and responsible adults to come in during fair prep days. You can help the students by proofreading papers, setting up backboards, supervising experimentation, hearing a practice presentation, and a myriad of other things. Call or email Mr. Regan for more information about when and where we need you!
Mr. Regan:email; 676-2939 phone.

The Stone Middle School Mentors Meet with Mulberry Middle

As our previous entry explains, Stone is the recipient of no less than four $10,000 grants to mentor other schools. One of those mentor partners is Mulberry Middle School just south of Lakeland, FL.

Sunday evening (12/3) Mr. Johnson drove Mr. Regan and Mr. Shupe down to consult with Mulberry Middle School's administration and science teachers. We spent all of Monday reviewing their facilities, lab and technology equipment, goals, and even met with a half dozen of their business partners.

Often I (Mr. Shupe) feel as though we (at Stone Middle School) are so much in the middle of the process that we really aren't ready yet to go out and help others. Our trip to Mulberry was one of those gratifying experiences that made us all feel as though we really do have something to contribute. I realized that even though we have some pretty lofty goals that we also have some pretty good ideas and some hard working staff and students at Stone Middle School. We not only have a vision of where we would like to go, but we have a pretty good handle on what steps we need to take to get there. Even though we have a long way to go, we are further down the path than many other schools.

Stone's Choice Program Recognized by Florida Department of Education

Stone Middle School's Science and Technology Choice was invited by the Florida State Department of Education to participate in the first annual Innovation Fair in Kissimmee, FL this Fall. Only 50 magnet, choice, academy type programs in the entire state were selected, so even though our program is still only in its third year, it was nice to be recognized.

Mr. Johnson (Principal), Mr. Regan (Choice Program Director), Mr. Shupe (Technology Director), and Mr. Campbell (Technology and Vocational Instructor) staged a multimedia presentation during one of the concurrent sessions at the conference, as well as manned a booth in an exhibition type hall. School District personnel from around the state visited with the Stone Team and about 30 attended their session.

At the end of the event, school districts submitted grant requests to partner with their choice of the schools that presented and exhibited. Each mentor school that was accepted received $10,000 for their consulting services and the mentee school would receive $40,000 as seed money to start the new program.

Stone was quite honored to have many schools request their assistance and in the end the state DOE awarded Four Partnership Grants to our school. We were awarded more grants than any of the other three Brevard County schools and only four schools in the state received more grants than we did!

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