Next Generation Artist
Residency Program

sponsored by Brevard Cultural Alliance 2/24- 3/14: Programmer & Fine Artist playing at the intersection of interactivity, math, & code. Nathan Selikoff
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AVID National
Demonstration School

Stone Designated as Model of Successful AVID Strategy Implementation (story)
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Technology Leadership
Recognized Globally

The International 'Think Tank' Organization, New Media Consortium Produces White Paper Each Year: The Horizon Report
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Stone Research Prepares
Scientists for Success

Stone Science Research Students & Alumni Bring Home the Awards and CASH!(story)
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Technology Student Association
2 Students to Nationals!

In their first year of competition, TSA takes home 2 Third Places at State!
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Media Center
Central to Learning

New Initiatives to Develop Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship (story)
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2013 eCybermission
Team Tops in FL!

Four 7th graders win $1000, join other Stone Middle School alumni who have won a total of $168,000 over the last 8 years. (story & video!)
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Music Demonstration School

Florida Department of Education Recognizes Music Program at Stone (story)
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We want to acknowledge the accomplishments of our students that have excelled at the county, state and national level.

This is just the seven most recent featured accomplishments– Please checkout what has been happening at Stone since 2006!
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Stone is a STEAM Magnet School? What does that mean? 

Magnet School – Stone Middle School has received the Federal Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Grant for 2013-2016, a competitive grant written by some of our school's leaders worth almost $4 million. Magnet Schools have a theme or speciality that provides a framework for how learning takes place at the school. 

This theme 
magnetizes the school to attract students that would not necessarily be zoned to attend the school. There are no minimum requirements or costs associated with attending a magnet school, but students that are not zoned for the school need to apply to attend the school. If there are more applicants than our facility can accomodate, the applicants will be selected by a random lottery.

S.T.E.A.M. – For decades, Stone Middle School has demonstrated vision and leadership in the areas of Science Research and Technology, so it was rather natural to capitalize on those strengths and build our theme around S.T.E.M. which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There has been considerable discussion among educators on the role of creativity, intuition, visualization, design, reflection, revision, and innovation in both learning and STEM activities. These broad activities are enhanced by a strong Arts Education (which Stone also has excelled at), so our Magnet Theme becomes S.T.E.A.M. with Arts injected as a complimentary yet essential emphasis.

At Stone STEAM Magnet Middle, there will be many changes in our school culture, curriculum delivery and facility over the next three years. All of these represent extensions, improvements and enrichments of our learning community with the goal of delivering a rigorous STEAM-infused learning environment.

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Changes @ Stone

Probably the single biggest change will be to take a school where students used technology relatively frequently and become the only school in the district to have a full-scale 1:1 technology initiative (1:1 represents the ratio of computers to students). Students will be assigned a mobile device for use during their time at Stone Magnet Middle. The first stage of the 1:1 technology initiative will roll out in the spring (2014) to all current seventh graders. The second stage will follow, during the 2014-2015 school year, with technology being assigned to all of next school year's seventh graders. 

We know that ubiquitous access to a mobile device for all students will empower students to learn like never before at Stone Middle School. Very few would deny the importance of the internet, global connections, collaborative opportunities, creative tools, design revisions, etc. that mobile technology provides. In education, some of the most powerful learning experiences occur when curiosity is provoked in a powerful way and the learning community can immediately explore and evaluate that event. Mobile devices deliver on 
just-in-time learningOur STEAM engine is our 1:1 initiative.

If you would like more information or to tour Stone STEAM Magnet Middle School contact our Coordinating Teacher Team at (321) 723-0741 ext.#5901, ext.#5902 or email:

If you are not currently zoned to attend Stone, and this rigorous STEAM approach to learning sounds like a good fit for your sixth grade or seventh grade student, you must apply before 4 PM on March 31st, 2014:

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Pathways to
College & Career Success
Parent's and Students:
This information is useful to parents, students and their counselor to build an individualized program of study (IPS) for high school.

Photo Credit: Nuwandalice via Compfight cc

Stone Magnet Middle School
a Brevard County Public School • Like BPS on Facebook!
Recognized "A" School • FL DOE
2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
2004, 2012 Recognized "B" School by Florida Department of Education

2014-2015 Special Program Applications



Science Research


Before and After School Tutoring
Get that Extra Help You Need!


Subjects and Locations


Subjects and Locations
Magnet Schools are open to all students. Enrollment is determined annually through neighborhood zoned boundaries and an application and lottery pool process for students not zoned for the school.

Jan-Feb 2014:
Information Sessions and Materials Provided at School

Mar 31, 2014:
(by 4 pm) All applications MUST be completed.

Apr 14-21, 2014:
Lotteries will be conducted at individual schools (if applicable)
Apr 21, 2014:
Schools mail notification letters to students selected
Apr 28, 2014:
(by 4 pm) Deadline for commitment letter to ONE magnet school/program
School Public Accountability Reports (SPAR)
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act School Public Accountability Reports (ESEA SPARs) are now available. The SPARs meet the ESEA’s requirement for schools and districts to provide parents with an annual school status report at the beginning of each year.
School Year 2012-13

School Year 2011-12

Newsletter from the Brevard Public School District. Great parenting tips and information.

Stone Middle School Cafeteria Food Service Inspection Report
Stone Middle School Cafeteria
Food Service Operating Permit

We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow here at Stone.
Notice to the left of this page there is a list of upcoming events at Stone Middle School. Above that list is a link to our Master Calendar. If you use a computer calendar program, you can subscribe to our calendar so that your calendar has the Stone Middle School Calendar dates appear in your calendar!
eMail List and Grades
Stone communicates your student's grade standings and other important information via email. If you are not receiving emails at least once a month, we probably need to check to see that your email is correctly listed in our Edline Gradebook program. Teachers will be providing updated grades approximately once every two weeks, and you will receive notification from the school via email when those grades are updated. Please send us an email or call the school to get your email address updated.
If you are interested in helping in any of the following areas, please contact Mrs. Whitfield either by email or phone: 321-723-0741 She is the friendly face greeting you at the front desk of our school office.

Note: For Faculty Wish Lists -- Volunteer Donations
To receive volunteer credit, please send in the receipt with your name as well as your student's name.
If you have a common name like Jones or Brown, please include your middle initial.

We are in need of registered volunteers to help in classrooms and as chaperones.
To become registered you need to be fingerprinted by the Brevard Public School system. Take a Photo ID to the School Board of Brevard County in Viera at, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way. We advise you to call to make sure that they are able to accommodate your visit: 633-1000 ext 796. The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:30am– 4:00pm. The cost is $47.00 if paying by personal check or $57.25 if using
a credit card.

Through the interwebs,
we are globally connected.
We will endeavor to learn, share
and construct good things through our connections!

Welcome to Stone!